Review on the movie “Strictly Ballroom”

Strictly Ballroom (1992)


This was a movie about ballroom dancing. The main character Scott is a champion but in a competition he tried to show his new created moves. This action had cause his mother who is formerly a ballroom dancer to get upset. Throughout the story, Scott’s mother, his coach and even the President of the Australian Dancing Federation tried to complied his not to use his new move in his competition. The concept that I wanted to share on this is the theory of compliance. Compliance can be beneficial in some situation but blindly complied can be harmful. Try to think that if you are being complied by someone but you did to find out the truth behind it, you might commit things that can be terrible like crime. Obeying the authority can be a right thing but we should know the right time to speak it out when we think is wrong. In the movie, Scott dance according to his dancing instinct to make up new moves but his mother tried hard to complied him. However, he thinks that he wanted to perform his move to the crowd, so he did not complied to his mother but follow his instinct.

In Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the theory of expert power can be applied here as well. Barry Fife ( President of the Australian Dancing Federation) who has all the expert dancing skills try all he can to stop Scott to express out his new dance move. This is because he was afraid that if Scott won the championship by creating his new dance move, there will be no more dancing teaching business for him. Same apply to the theory of expert power where people will want others to rely on them to feel that they are able to control everything.

A quote that I think is meaningful from this movie is ” A life live in fear, is a life hard to live“……


Review on the movie “Awakenings”

Awakenings (1990)


This movie is played by Robbin Williams and Robert De Niro as the main actor. The main message that this movie tried to portray is that we should appreciate others and don’t take others for granted. What do I mean by don’t take others for granted? As an example, we usually assume that our friends should always be kind to us no matter what. But when we look back, have we ever try to be kind to them always. In the theory of norm of reciprocity, people usually do favors for other so that other will do them favor back. In order not to let our friends feel that we are those who just receiving kindness from them, we should also treat them with kindness.

Secondly, from the movie another theory that come into my mind is obedience. Leonard (played by Robert De Niro) as a patient of Dr.Sayer (played by Robbin Williams) always obey what Dr.Sayer had said. He trusted the doctor and obey what Dr.Sayer had say. Obedience is a strong persuasion tools when used by someone who have higher authority just like the Dr.Sayer.

As a conclusion, I think that this is a great movie. It reminds me to always appreciate what others had done for me.

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