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Movie Review on ” The Whale Raider”

The Whale Rider (2002)



From this movie, I have noticed that what I had learnt in Social Psychology which is the power of ingroup. In the Maori tribe, they actually represented a ingroup that is strong because of the unity of the people. In the scene where whales are being stranded to the shore, the Moari people had tried that best to save the whales. The people give all their efforts to save the whale because they are from the same ingroup and all of them believe that they are responsible to save the whales. If one of them who is not from the ingroup they may give some effort as well but they might not hang on until the end.

Secondly, the theory of cognitive dissonance as Dr.Goh mention at the end of the class also struck into my mind. Sometimes, when you think that doing something that is morally correct but it is against the rules will you choose to still do it or just give it up? In this movie, Pilkea‘s grandfather had actually portray this theory indirectly. In this Maori tribe, their tradition for them to choose a leader has to be a dominant male figure. As a result, Pilkea’s grandfather (Paka) just cannot accept the tradition being broken even though Pilkea had all the qualities to become the leader of the tribe. Personally, I think that following a traditional is good but sometimes you just have some exceptional in some circumstances. In the movie, Pilkea actually showed her qualities of being the new chief but Paka tried to denied because of the tradition of the tribe. If we step back and take a view from the other angle, what is the problem if we break the rules of choosing a women as our leader. We should open our view that as long as the leader is someone with qualities and can lead us forward, why not choosing her as our leader even she is a women.

A quote that I wanted to share after this movie is a quote that I believed many people are familiar with which is ” Rules are meant to be broken“.


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