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Review on the Movie “Forget Paris”

Forget Paris (1995)



This is a love story of Mickey and Ellen. The way the meet each other is quite unusual so to speak because while Mickey try to send his father’s body to be buried in Paris the aircraft company lost his father’s body. Ellen found Mickey’s father 2 days later and here the moment where Mickey starts to fall for Ellen. I think that this is very nice movie because like Dr. Goh had mention in class that all love story ends when they started their new life either is a marriage or a new relationship. However, in this movie they actually portray what happened after a marriage and how do the couple trying to cope with it. You can actually see the real problem that people is facing currently.

The second thing that I wanted to share is unconditioned love. In many successful relationship people always said that you will need unconditioned love to be successful. But, do you know that behind every unconditioned love, you will need to sacrifice a lot. Unconditioned love seems to be very common in a relationship but how many couple that really love his or her partner unconditionally? Nowadays, some couples end their relationship because they think that their partner did not give enough unconditioned love to them. In the movie, when Mickey trying to pick up his job as a referee again and he was arguing with Ellen. He thinks that Ellen is not understanding enough. If Mickey ever put himself in the shoe of Ellen, he would appreciate Ellen’s sacrifice for him by quitting her job in Paris and moved all the way to America. Ellen even choose Dallas instead of Paris to hope that Mickey will agree to move with her to a new place due to her job requirement. Sometimes, we should really take a step back and think of what our partner had done for us instead of just keep complaining that our partner had not make enough sacrifices for us.

A quote that I think is very beautiful from this movie by Mickey is: “No place is home without your love ones being with you together”……..


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