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Review on the movie ” Mississippi Burning”

Mississippi Burning (1988)



This is a movie about Racism that was going on in the state of Mississippi in America where three young boys were missing on the way the the town of Mississippi. The residence at the town were extreme racist. They treated the black people unfairly but they told the media they are treating them equally. The residence ‘ Discriminate‘ against the black people by burning their house, beat them up and uses some inhuman way to torture the black people. Discrimination is defined as a negative action toward members of specific groups. The movie had portray the seriousness of discrimination at the place. The white people even kill the black people without reason and when they were being charge for burning one of the black people’s home, the judge did not found them guilty for vandalize. It has clearly show that the unfairness between the black people and the white people.

After, this movie I actually recall back that few months ago a racism incident happened in the world of football. Liverpool’s striker Luis Suarez and abuse his words against Manchester United’s defender Patrice Evra. Suarez actually called Evra as nigger which he gives excuse that it was normal back in his country. Racist had actually happened in this incident and the striker was being banned for 8 matches which I think was a right thing punish him. The movie also make me to think back that why should we think that our race is better then another race? Our blood are same in color, we also have a pair of eyes, a nose , a mouth and a pair of ears. The only thing that is different is our skin color but does it really matter? try to imagine that u bought two sweets of a same brand, flavor but the only difference is the paper wrap. Why on earth we will throw away one of the sweets when both are same in neither brand and flavor?


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