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Review on ” The Sixth Sense” and “The Castle”


The Sixth Sense (1999)                      The Castle (1997)

In the review this week I am going to share on how does horror movie can be that scary to many people. In the movie ” The Sixth Sense” it is not an exact horror movie but there are a few scenes that scare me a bit. For example, the scene where the little girl who was poisoned by her step-mother came into Cole’s little sanctuary. Sometimes when a horror movie is unpredictable, it will be very scary because you won’t know what is going to happen next. This reminds me that in one of Dr.Goh’s IO Psychology class, he said that people use to experience the sense if fear when the can see clearly the situation that they are going to experience next. Besides, one of the very successful strategy that scares you in horror movie is their background music and the loudness of the scene when they tried to scare you. There is some scene where they will increase the volume during the particular scene till very loud and most of the time you are being scare by the sound instead of the scene itself. Why does it works? Well from what I had learn in the Biopsychology class, humans are afraid of loud noise since we were born. So that is why in horror movie you will first experience to the loud noise first then only followed by the scary scene.

Next in the movie of “The Castle”, I think that this story actually portray a father that is positive to most of the situation. His unconditioned love shows that he is a great father. In the movie, even his son just dig a hole that seems nothing special but in his father’s eyes, it is something very special. During dinner time, no matter what his wife cooked he will always praise his wife’s cooking. This shows that he is a supportive husband that give full support to his wife in her hobbies. To Daryll ( the father), his daughter was the jewel of him because she graduated with a certificate and she is his pride. His second son Steven likes to invent things. He was also proud of him because Steven can come up with things that is unusual. Last but not least is his eldest son who is at jail, Daryll never give up on him even though he is jail. This movie also show that the bonding of a family is very important to keep each other close. One of the favorite quote that I got from this movie is “a home is not built with bricks and stone but love and memories”.


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