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Movie Review on ” The Fisher King”

The Fisher King (1991)

In this movie, Robbin Williams actually won the Best Actor for this movie. He portrays a schizophrenic person in this movie. His acting was fantastic and he portray as a schizophrenic patient so well.


As for the symptoms of Schizophrenia, there is a list of characteristics symptoms. Based on the DSM-IV-TR, the symptoms are: DELUSIONS, HALLUCINATIONS, DISORGANIZED SPEECH, DISORGANIZED or CATATONIC BEHAVIOR and “NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS” as in reduction or loss of normal function like language and goal-directed behavior. A person who shown 2 or more of those symptoms for at least a month and be noticeably for at least 6 months is being diagnosed as Schizophrenia. In the movie, Parry (played by Robbin Williams) had shown a some symptoms of it. Parry had hallucination, catatonic behavior, delusions, and disorganized speech. He had been acting in this way since his wife were murdered 3 years ago. As a result, he can said to be diagnose as Schizophrenia. 

The Knight that is on a quest for the Holy Grail


The hallucination image of the Red Knight is symbolize the trauma that Parry experience.


Before the movie ended, I actually find something interesting from this movie is the strange friendship between Jack and Parry. I think that friendship is sometimes unexplainable in the way that you can be friend with anyone even he or she is a psychotic person. When Jack first met Parry, he tried to ran away from him because he knew that Parry was a crazy guy. Throughout the movie, Jack guilty made him to feel guilt and try to help Parry out especially when he found out that Parry’s wife was murdered by the “insane radio fan”  which Jack had the responsibility for him. At end of the story, Jack became Parry’s best friend by helping Parry to date his crush and he even help him to complete his quest of the Holy Grail. When I reflect back, I feel glad and fortunate because I have alot of friends that lay out their hands for me when I need help. Although I don’t have a psychological abnormal friend but I really appreciate the friends that I had even they are just “Hi,Bye” friends. When Jack tried to break into the mansion to get the Holy Grail, the scene reminds me of a friend who always help me now when I need help. I believe that every person will have an important friend in their life, I had found mine, have you found yours?

“In the story of our life, friends are like the pages that fill with colors to fill our life with beautiful colors and memory no matter they are being kind or bad to us.”


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