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Review on the movie “Parenthood”

Parenthood (1989)

I personally think that this is a great movie and Steve Martin is one of my favorite actor as well. This story portray all four types of parenting styles well. The four types of parenting styles are (i) Authoritarian (ii) Authoritative (iii) Permissive (iv) Neglect. Among all four types of parenting style, it is said that the authoritative parenting style is the most ideal way of shaping your child. However, I personally agree that using authoritative parenting style is a better way to educate your child. Although I am from a traditional Chinese family but the way my parents used to shape us as a kid is said to be special to my siblings and I. When I was little, my parents used different way of parenting styles to guide us through our childhood. My father tend to use more authoritarian while my mom is a more authoritative person. My dad was strict with us when we were little. Whenever our behavior is inappropriate, he will first warn us to behave ourselves but when we cross his boundaries, we will end up beaten up by his ‘rotan’. After the negative punishment given, he will then explain to us why did he punish us to make us realize what is right and what is wrong. My dad use to set rules for us to follow to train us to be an obedient person. As for my authoritative mom, she is a very supportive mom.She always listen to us when we voice out what we think. When we are doing something wrong she will explain softly to us that we are wrong and try to lead us to the correct path. Yet, she will also spank us if we take her for granted by crossing her boundaries. I love my parents so much as they shape me into a well person. Thank you mom and dad…..

My family photo (1998) in a Christmas Celebration


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