Movie Review on ” Schindler’s List ”

Schindler’s List (1993)

This is a movie based on a true story. Oskar Schindler is a very successful business man. He had good people skills that gave him an advantage to make friends with those high ranking German officers very easily. He played as the hero of this movie to save the Jews from the Germans. Schindler had save more than a thousand Jews by buying them from the hands of the Germans. In the Jewish’s eyes, his factory was being describe as the heaven or the Ark of Noah because they do not need to suffer from the German in his factory.

In the memory of Oskar Schindler

In this movie there are two psychological concept that can be notice which is the Resilience and The Lucifer Effect. I will start with the first concept which is the resilience. Resilience means that the tendency to cope with stress and might have the risk of relapse. In the movie, Amon Goeth was being persuaded by Schindler to not use violence in displaying the sense of being someone with power. He was being persuaded and stop to use violence in a few scene later. However, after some time relapse of his old personality reappear. This had showed that relapse may happens even the behavior had changed for a short period of time only.

In the concept of The Lucifer Effect, it state that even good people sometimes can turn evil and commit incredible act that may be wrong. In the movie, all the German soldiers were being given order to eliminate the Jews. Why will they kill the Jews by just simply put the bullet in one’s head with thinking the consequences about it? How can they be so cruel? In the study of Milgram on obedience he found that people will follow order blindly when the order is given from the authority that have power over them. Yet, there is still people resists the orders when they think what they are doing is wrong. Back to the Lucifer Effect, Phillip Zimbardo had conduct an experiment which is know as the prisoner’s experiment to study on this. He found that when people are being possessed with power, they will change their behavior. In his experiment, the prison guards were instructed to pretend to act like a guard but they had really express out their evil side instead of just pretending to be one. This had showed that when people is given power they will do something unbelievable with their authority power.

This movie was shown on a Good Friday and after this movie something just struck me. In this story Oskar Schindler spend all his wealth to save the Jews and he end up bankrupt and fleeing from the allied force. It reminds me of what Jesus Christ had done for us, he sacrifice himself for us even his life to save the entire human race. I will then end my words here. Happy Easter!!! =)

Oskar Schindler